LeBron James’ Middle School Yearbook Is A Total Mess


LeBron James’ Middle School Yearbook Is A Total Mess


When LeBron James was in middle school, social media was (mostly) non-existent, and the internet as we know it today was completely different. Nowadays we have access to basketball footage (not matter if it’s NBA, NCAA, FIBA, or high and even middle school) within seconds. We praise or critique little kids, before they even have the opportunity of becoming a pro. Something that is currenly happening to James’ son, LeBron Jr., for example.

But there wasn’t a hype about middle-school LeBron Sr. The hype didn’t start before high-school. That’s why it’s even funnier when we take a look at his middle-school yearbook now.

​​Not only did the yearbook spell his name wrong (LaBron), they also listed him under the wrong picture (making Michael Quinn the ‘real’ LeBron?). To top things off, LeBron wasn’t voted ‘most athletic’.


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