LeBron James: Meeting Michael Jordan Was Like Meeting God For The First Time

LeBron James: Meeting Michael Jordan Was Like Meeting God For The First Time


The never-ending ‘greatest of all time’ debate, will get some more soon, when LeBron James passes Michael Jordan on the NBA’s all time scoring list.

I’ve never been a big fan of this debate to begin with. Clyde Drexler always says that he isn’t a fan of comparing eras, and I absolutely agree with him on that. There will always be a ‘Team Jordan’ who is insulted to bring LeBron or anyone else into the GOAT debate, as well as a ‘Team LeBron’ who claims that LeBron is GOAT. Never have I seen anyone from either side change their opinion, and it probably won’t ever happen.

But what people forget is that James himself is a huge Michael Jordan fan and that he idolized him growing up. So before the Lakers’ game in Charlotte last night, LeBron James was asked about Michael Jordan, and the first time he met him. His response was pretty similar to what most of our responses would have been like:

Per ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:


“It was godly,” James said,“I’ve said that over and over before, but it was like meeting God for the first time. That’s what I felt like as a 16-year-old kid when I met MJ.

“MJ made the game global. He made the game global. He made people all over the world want to watch the game of basketball because of his marketability, because of the way he played the game of basketball, because of who he was. He kind of transcended that era.”


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