Potential No.1 Draft Pick Luka Doncic Might Stay in Europe

Photo Credit: Pep Morata

Potential No.1 Draft Pick Luka Doncic Might Stay in Europe 


Doncic’s journey into the NBA is similar to Ricky Rubio’s. He can play both the point guard and shooting guards positons, and his attributes include athleticism, basketball intelligence and ability to play against older players. He has a competitive drive, as well as unique versatility with the ability to dribble with both hands, rebound, shoot with range as well as passing and scoring in a variety of ways.

There is little doubt Doncic will grace American shores in the not-so-distant future. And while we all prepared to hear his name called on draft night this summer as either the number one or two draft pick, Doncic said that it’s not certain that he’ll move to the NBA for the next season.


“Ι’m not sure if these are the last two games [in EuroLeague]. We have yet to make this decision. Perhaps after the season,”


Doncic, who currently plays for European powerhouses Real Madrid, is flourishing despite his tender age. He performed brilliantly for his home nation of Slovenia during this summer’s EuroBasket, helping them win the title. He averaged 14.3 points, 8.6 rebounds and 3.6 assists.

NBA scouts are drooling at the potential of Doncic, who already stands at 6”8’ and is reportedly still growing. At 6”8’, he may be tall, but Doncic can also play the point guard position and is seen as potentially one of the best Europeans prospects of his generation.

After becoming the youngest player to ever debut for Real Madrid at just 16 years old, he has continued to impress and ride the upward spiral of development in the fundamentals of European basketball.

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