LeBron James Had Himself A Little Mid-Game Beer-Break

Credit: Screenshot NBA on TNT

LeBron James Had Himself A Little Mid-Game Beer-Break


Sports and beer perfecly go together, well as long as you’re watching and not playing yourself.

But playing didn’t keep LeBron from having a (fake) sip of beer in the middle of an NBA playoff game.

After a Raptors foul, LeBron James was walking to the baseline. A beer-selling vendor was also there, LeBron went over, grabbed a beer bottle and took a fake swig.




LeBron: “Hold my beer!” – Trolling in perfection.

According to AP’s Tom Withers, LeBron James is more of a wine guy.


“I’m not much of a beer guy. If she had some red wine, I would have probably taken a sip.”



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