Dahntay Jones Got Fined Two-Thirds Worth Of His Salary

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Dahntay Jones Got Fined Two-Thirds Worth Of His Salary


This story has a general resemblence to the movie ‘Groundhog Day’.

  • For the second straight year, the Cleveland Cavaliers signed Dahntay Jones on the final day of the regular season.
  • For the second straight year, Dahntay Jones was fined for in-game actions against the Toronto Raptors.
  • For the second straight year, LeBron James will be opening his wallet and pay Jones’ fine.


Dahntay Jones only played three minutes in garbage time during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ win over the Raptors. But three minutes were enough for Jones to pick up back-to-back technical fouls for talking trash to Norman Powell, leading to an ejection. According to Brian Windhorst, Dahntay Jones got fined $6,000, this doesn’t seem much, in terms of NBA fines and salaries, but Jones only made $9,127 from the Cavaliers after they signed him for the veteran’s minimum on the final day of the regular season.



Last year, Jones was suspended for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals after he smacked Bismack Biyombo in the groin area in Game 3. He was fined 1/110th of his salary, but since he was only earning the veteran minimum of $8,800 (like explained earlier, he also signed on the last day of the regular season), the fine was $80.17.

His salary hasn’t changed much, but the fine went up astronomically. What also hasn’t changed, is LeBron James paying for these fines. LeBron James jokingly told ESPN, that he is getting tired of paying Jones’ fines:


“I said I was going to pay the fine [last year’s fine] before I even knew what it was. It didn’t matter. And I told him tonight, I said, ‘Listen, Dahntay, now enough is enough. Stop getting kicked out against Toronto all the time. I’m going to stop paying your damn fines.’ But yeah, he don’t have to worry about it. He’s good.”


We will keep a close eye on Dahntay Jones throughout this series to see if LeBron has to open up his wallet for yet another Dahntay Jones fine.


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