LeBron James Going Hard On Stage At Concert After Missing Game With The ‘Flu’


LeBron James Going Hard On Stage At Concert After Missing Game With The ‘Flu’


Remember when LeBron James made an interesting statement about load management a couple of weeks ago?


“If I’m healthy, I play. I mean, that should be the approach. I mean, unless we’re getting to like late in the season and we’ve clinched and we can’t get any better or any worse, it could benefit from that, but why wouldn’t I play if I’m healthy? It doesn’t make any sense to me, personally. I mean, I don’t know how many games I got left in my career. I don’t know how many kids that may show up to a game and they’re there to come see me play and if I sit out, then what? That’s my obligation.“


This statement came shortly after critics went after the Los Angeles Clippers for their load management off days for Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. While there’s an honorable approach in LeBron’s statement, I can also understand the Clippers trying to have their players healthy for when it counts most.

The Raptors took a smilier approach last year and it paid off big time. But if you make statements like LeBron, you better live by them.

So, when James missed the game against OKC this past weekend, he was reportedly dealing with the flu. While the illness held him out, he was seen going hard on stage at a concert, the very next day. 





Well, he looked pretty healthy to me…

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