LeBron James And Magic Johnson Reportedly Are Not On Good Terms

Photo: Grant Goldberg

LeBron James And Magic Johnson Reportedly Are Not On Good Terms


When Magic Johnson was the Los Angeles Lakers’ president of basketball operations, he played a key role in luring in LeBron James.

While Magic quickly stepped down as president afterwards, LeBron James still is the face of the franchise today. But due to the Lakers’ subpar season, they currently are seven games below .500, the team has received a lot of criticism by fans and reporters.

Magic Johnson also voiced his displeasure about the current situation and criticized the Lakers. This, paired with Magic stepping down as Lakers president soon after LeBron arrived in town, apparently caused that LeBron James and Magic Johnson are not on good terms.

Per Brian Windhorst’s podcast:


“I also think it’s interesting to point out that I’m not so sure that LeBron and Magic are on the greatest of terms right now,” Windhorst said. “LeBron was very upset that Magic pulled the ripcord after the first year and didn’t even tell him, just did it. 

There’s scar tissue there, and earlier this year, when Magic criticized the Lakers, and rightly so — it wasn’t hard to criticize the Lakers — and LeBron was asked about it, LeBron declined to talk about it.”


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