Lakers And Knicks Are Favored To Land Bronny James In 2024 NBA Draft


In July, Bronny James collapsed on the court during practice at USC and suffered a cardiac arrest.

He was then rushed to the hospital where he quickly was reported to be in stable condition and no longer in the ICU.

Only a couple of days later, Bronny was already discharged from the hospital. Dr Merije Chukumerije, a consulting cardiologist for Bronny James, said in a statement issued by the hospital that James was “successfully treated for a sudden cardiac arrest” thanks to “the swift and effective response by the USC athletics’ medical staff” after the incident.

Earlier this month, about half a year later, Bronny, who has fully recovered, was able to celebrate his comeback, and is back on track to make it to the NBA next year.

Bronny’s father, Lakers superstar LeBron James has repeatedly made it clear that he’s interested in playing with his son in the NBA. Consequently, there’s much talk about whether teams would be willing to draft Bronny as a means to lure LeBron onto their team.

To be fair, Bronny is a decent player in his own right, known as a combo guard with a reputation for athleticism and defensive skills. But, he hasn’t proven much on the floor, yet, and even before, he was projected to be a mid to late first-round pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. The bigger draw, however, is LeBron, especially if he decides to follow Bronny to whichever team drafts him.

So whether or not he’s the best prospect available, there may be some teams willing to take a chance on Bronny to lure his father to their franchise.

That is, of course, if the Lakers don’t select him before anyone else can, which still his the most likely outcome according to oddsmakers at DraftKings Sportsbook. The Lakers are +600 to draft Bronny James this summer, followed by the New York Knicks (+900), Oklahoma City Thunder (+1000) and Cleveland Cavalier (+1000).

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