Jason Williams Believes Kyrie Irving Is The Best Ball-Handler Of All Time


Jason Williams, also known as “White Chocolate,” boasts a solid reputation as a ball-handler from his time in the NBA. He sees elite talent in this area, which is why he reserves the ultimate praise for Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving.

Irving is one of the best offensive players today, and his ball-handling skills play a big part in that. He can control the ball incredibly well, smoothly get past defenders, and has a wide array of moves. He’s just elite as it gets and everyone recognizes him for that.

Now, Williams recently appeared on “The OGs Show,” where he was asked to share his top ball-handlers of all time. While mentioning some familiar names, he made it clear that Irving stands out as the best in his eyes.


“Kyrie Irving is the best ever to me. Jamal Crawford is on there. Chris Paul is different… he can do all this stuff right here and have you going…  He’s gotta be there on my list. Skipper Rafer Alston is on my list.”


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