Kyrie & LeBron – Tag Team Champions



Kyrie & LeBron – Tag Team Champions

A better lovestory than twilight!


Kyrie Irving and LeBron praised each other during last night’s postgame interview. LeBron referring to them being like a WWE/WWF tag team, tagging in for each other as the “go-to-guy”.

LeBron also said:


‘Kyrie is the best point guard in the league’


I mean, ok! Westbrook and Curry haven’t really played well this season, while Kyrie has dominated from the start…

Meanwhile, Kevin Gongfu Tea Cup sits somewhere in the locker room and is crying.



But Kyrie and Lebron both had an amazing game last night.

LeBron finished with 34 Points, 10 Rebounds and 4 Assists, Kyrie had 32 Points, 5 Rebounds and 4 Assists.

A healthy Cavs squad will definitely win the East again.


Check out Kyrie’s and Bron’s highlights from last night.


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