Kyrie Irving Publicly Apologizes For Sharing Antisemitic Material In Interview With SNY’s Ian Begley

Photo: Corey Sipkin/New York Post

Kyrie Irving Publicly Apologizes For Sharing Antisemitic Material In Interview With SNY’s Ian Begley


Kyrie Irving has been making rounds on social media over the past couple of weeks. This is because the controversial Nets star appeared to support a film and book that deemed to promote anti-Semitic tropes.

Many have criticized and condemned Irving’s controversial social media posts, including Nets owner Joe Tsai, leading to the Nets then suspending Irving, until the completion of a to-do list of six steps he was given to takle before a possible return to the team.


  1. Issue an apology for posting a link to the movie on Oct. 27, condemn the harmful and false content and make clear that he does not have anti-Jewish beliefs.
  2. Complete the anti-hate causes that Irving, the Nets and the Anti-Defamation League agreed upon in their joint release on Nov. 2, including a $500,000 donation toward causes and organizations that work to eradicate hate and intolerance in communities.
  3. Complete sensitivity training created by the Nets.
  4. Complete antisemitic/anti-hate training designed by the Nets.
  5. Meet with representatives from the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish community leaders in Brooklyn.
  6. After completing 1 through 5, meet with owner Joe Tsai and lead franchise officials and demonstrate the lessons learned and that the gravity of the harm caused in the situation is understood and provide assurances that this type of behavior will not be repeated.


Now, during a television interview, Irving apologized for his posting of a link to an antisemitic film.

Per SNY:


“I just want to apologize deeply for all my actions throughout the time that it’s been since the post was first put up. I’ve had a lot of time to think. But my focus, initially, if I could do it over, would be to heal and repair a lot of my close relationships with my Jewish relatives, brothers and sisters…

I’m not antisemitic. I never have been. I don’t have hate in my heart for the Jewish people or anyone that identifies as a Jew. I’m not anti-Jewish or any of that.”


Irving also reflected on his absence from basketball, while saying that he now understands the influence that he has have.


“I’m no one’s idol, but I am a human being that wants to make impact and change. In order to do that, I have to live responsibly and set a greater example for our youth, for my generation and the older generation. So I just think I really want to focus on the hurt that I caused or the impact that I made within the Jewish community.”


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