Kyrie Irving, Illuminati Confirmed?



Kyrie Irving, Illuminati Confirmed?


Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving showed his newest tattoo at the Cavs’ win over the Spurs the other night and caused quite some noise on the interweb.

Irving posted a photo to Instagram using the hashtag ‘#HamsaHand,’ which would indicate that Gongfu Tea Cup tattoo is of the Hamsa Hand, a spiritual symbol that provides protection from the ‘evil eye.’




That didn’t stop Irving’s fans from claiming he has an ‘all-seeing eye’ tattoo, therfore being a member of the Illuminati:


“Holy f*** Kyrie is in the Illuminati! WTF!”


“Illuminati got his mind soul and body. Secret society trying to keep their eye on him. SAD! Very SAD!”


“Illuminati Confirmed!”


“LeBron got him to Illuminati”


“Just sold his soul to the devil”


Believe me when I say that there are hundreds of comments just like these.

Sometimes you just can’t tell who’s trolling and who really is believing this nonsense. I think it’s funny!

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