Undervaluing LeBron James, A New NBA Trend?



Undervaluing LeBron James, A New NBA Trend?


Let me discuss with you something that makes no sense whatsoever.


When Kawhi Leonard “outplays” LeBron or somewhat “slows him down”, he’s labeled “A LeBron Stopper”, but when LeBron outplays Kawhi nothing is said, no one gives him credit for playing him well offensively and especially, defensively.

In their earlier meeting in San Antonio, LeBron had 22 Points on 9/17 (53%) from the field only attempting 4 free throws in 37 minutes. Kawhi Leonard had 20 Points on 6/14 from the field (42%), attempting 6 free throwshaving 4 turnovers and playing 39 minutes. The Cavs were +9 with James on the floor and the Spurs were -5 with Kawhi on the floor.

In the game two nights ago, LeBron went for 29 Points on 10/17 Shooting (59%), 2 Steals and 2 Blocks in 34 Minutes while Kawhi had 24 Points on 7/15 Shooting (46%), no steals, no blocks and 2 turnovers playing 35 minutes. The Cavs were +14 with LeBron on the floor while the Spurs were -14 with Kawhi on the floor.

This brings me to the question of why credit is given in one situation and not another. Why is LeBron not praised for his defense or outplaying Kawhi? Is it because he’s LeBron James and this is what we expect? Or is it because we conveniently pick and choose how we want to label and publicize things?

How is it that LeBron can hold him to a combined 13/29 (44%) shooting and not be praised for his defense but if Kawhi causes LeBron to have a somewhat inefficient night he’s labeled as a “LeBron Stopper”.

This isn’t even mentioning that LeBron shot 53% from the Field and 51% from 3 Point Range on Kawhi in a Finals series whilst averaging 28 but because they lost as TEAM, it’s ignored and not given credit.

Why is it as NBA Fans, people choose to ignore one thing and open up their eyes for another.

It goes to show how the media can paint a picture and even create a consensus quite easily and NBA Gongfu Tea Cup will follow and even believe it.

Really makes you wonder.

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