Kyrie Irving Declined To Do ‘After-Season’ Exit Interview

Photo Credit: José Luis Villegas / ASSOCIATED PRESS


While the Dallas Mavericks can get a lot of buckets with a duo of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving running the show, the team hasn’t done a good job in winning a lot of games.

It’s been an underwhelming stretch for the Mavericks. Instead of becoming a legitimate contender, the Mavs dropped to 11th in the Western Conference, missing out of the play-ins, and ending their season in the lottery.

The Mavs now fear that Luka Doncic might request a trade in the offseason.

But while Luka Doncic, just like the rest of the Mavericks, sat down for his exit interview with the media, Kyrie Irving declined to do so.


“Kyrie Irving declined to do an exit interview with the Dallas media. Other Mavs, including Luka Doncic, did exit interviews today.”


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