Kyrie Irving Cherishes Kobe Bryant’s Mentorship Ahead Of NBA Finals


Dallas Mavericks  superstar Kyrie Irving learned a lot from Kobe Bryant. Their relationship extended beyond the basketball court, with mentorship playing a crucial role in shaping Irving’s NBA career.

As the NBA Finals approach, Irving reflects on the impact Bryant had on his life and the lessons he continues to carry with him.

Irving acknowledges the profound influence Bryant had on him:


“I don’t know if anyone here has ever lost a mentor or someone older who meant something to them,” he says. “Even if you didn’t talk every day, there was still that connection—they would always be there for you. It wasn’t just him; it was his family as well. They supported me unconditionally, and I miss him every single day, just like the rest of the world and all the Kobe supporters.”



“Beyond the basketball court, Bryant’s impact extended to life itself. *”He held such a big presence and knew his superpowers weren’t just on the court,” Irving explains. “He inspired you to do extra even when you got tired. His life lessons transcended basketball, any sport, or entertainment business.”


Irving’s journey, fueled by Bryant’s mentorship, continues as he faces his former team, the Boston Celtics, in the NBA Finals. The memory of Kobe Bryant serves as a touching reminder of his lasting influence on the sport and its athletes.


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