Shannon Sharpe Says Dereck Lively Will Be The Biggest X-Factor In The NBA Finals


During a recent episode of First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe engaged in a spirited discussion about the highly anticipated NBA Finals. Scheduled to kick off this Thursday, the Finals will feature an exciting clash between the Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks.

Sharpe, known for his candid analysis and passionate takes, didn’t hold back when discussing the pivotal players who could shape the outcome of the series. Among those players, Derek Lively II stood out as the biggest X-factor according to Sharpe.

Sharpe initially expressed his desire to pick both big men from the Dallas Mavericks, but he was informed that he could only choose one. Without hesitation, he singled out Derek Lively II as the player who could swing the series in the Mavericks’ favor. Here’s what Sharpe had to say:


“I wanted to go with both of those guys, but they told me I couldn’t pick both…. So, I went with Dereck Lively. He’s exactly the type of player who can change the course of a Finals matchup.”



Sharpe’s praise for Lively extended beyond mere speculation. He highlighted Lively’s unique qualities that make him a force to be reckoned with, including his bounciness, perfect shooting, and plus-minus impact among other things.

Sharpe also acknowledged Lively’s height advantage, which could prove crucial in the Finals. Standing tall, Lively will need to play a big role in protecting the paint against the Boston Celtics. Sharpe added:


“He is a very important piece. Boston will put you in a lot of action, especially pick-and-roll situations. Lively’s presence will be critical.”


As the NBA Finals approach, many eyes will be on Derek Lively II. If he lives up to Shannon Sharpe’s expectations, the Mavericks could indeed have the X-factor they need to secure the championship. 

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