Kyle O’Quinn’s Ridiculously Disrespectful Post-Game Interview

Photo Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle O’Quinn’s Ridiculously Disrespectful Post-Game Interview


The New York Knicks clearly lost their game against the Brookly Nets last night. The Nets dominated throughout the whole second half, being led by Brook Lopez. Brooklyn snapped a 33-game road losing streak to Eastern Conference teams , collecting their first win on the road since defeating the Celtics in January of 2016. It was the Knicks’ second loss to the Nets in five days, and the Knicks still haven’t won consecutive games in 2017, falling to a horrible 27-42 record.

Kyle O’Quinn was the Knicks best player last night, scoring 23 points off the bench, but also lost a lot of sympathy from NBA fans during his post-game interview. Granted, he was dissapointed, but shouldn’t have thrown shade at Brooklyn. He said:


“It doesn’t sit well…. We don’t play them no more so I think they got us this year. It’s tough. A team like that, you look at the roster, they shouldn’t be in the gym with us, I feel. But they played hard and anybody can win. It’s March. Anybody can win in March.”


‘A team like that, they shouldn’t be in the gym with us.’ – This would even have sounded stupid if Carmlo Anthony had said that. But O’Quinn? A player with career averages of 5 points who is playing 15 minutes a game? Maybe he’s right, O’Quinn does certainly not belong in a gym where Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin are working out.

Anthony also doesn’t have an explanation on why the team has no success:


“This year it’s a little disappointing due to talent that we have in this locker room, on this team. For some reason we just couldn’t get it together and get it going,” Anthony said. “But yeah it’s more difficult this season than it has been in the past.”

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