Klay Thompson Signed A Toaster

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada, USA TODAY Sports

Klay Thompson Signed A Toaster


This is your ‘wtf’ moment of the day, proudly sponsored by the ‘Warriors’ Toaster Guy’.

A Warriors fan set his sights on getting all of the Golden State Warriors players to sign his Warriors edition fan toaster.



Seriously? Was the Dubs’ marketing team really like: “Yeah, we definitely need to create a fan toaster, that will sell like hot cakes.” (pun intended).

Last night, the fan got one step closer to his goal. Klay Thompson signed his toaster. His reaction to this strange request is pricless. The look on his face… hilarious.




The fan also said something about the interaction with Klay:


He was definitely interested in it lol. I asked him if he’s ever signed a toaster before and he said nah. He noticed Draymond’s signature and I pointed out David Lee’s on there.
“Whoa DLee? That’s a throwback.”


I really hope he’ll be able to get all of the signatures, I’d like to propose a toast then… (ba dum tss)


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