Adam Morrison’s Classic Story About Michael Jordan

Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images


Since today is Adam Morrison’s birthday, we’re throwing it back to his amazing Michael Jordan story that he revealed on ClutchPoint’s Battle for LA Podcast a couple of years ago.

It stems from his stint with the Charlotte Bobcats, involves an unwritten NBA rule and Michael Jordan pulling out a stack of cash out of his pocket.


“Being around Mike was, I’ve been around obviously celebrities and pro athletes, I was one, and playing for the Lakers I’ve been around people that are larger than life and Mike by far takes the cake as far as aura and the way people act around him. Just like his being, I guess you could say is unmatched… 

We used to have an unwritten rule in the league, and most teams did it – If your team played each other in basketball or football, it was an automatic $100 bet. So Gonzaga played  Carolina in the Garden after my rookie year, and we won, and so I saw him at the Christmas party and was like, ‘Hey, you owe me $100!’ And I was kind of like joking, and he was like, ‘Oh yeah! No problem.’ And he pulled out like $8-10 grand out of his pocket. ‘Here you go’…”


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