Klay Thompson Says His Dad Is Likely Rooting Against Him During Lakers Vs Warriors Series

Photo Credit: Noah Graham/Getty Images


Mychal Thompson, father of Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson, was a member of the “Showtime” Lakers, and helped the team, that dominated the 1980s, winning five NBA championships in the process.

Thompson himself played five seasons with the team and won two Championships. To this day, he still has a close connection to the team’s front office and even works as a radio color commentator for the Purple and Gold.

This is also leading to some family issues in the Thompson household. Klay’s Warriors are playing Mychal’s Lakers in the second round of the playoffs, and when Klay was asked about who his father will be rooting for in the series, he admitted that it’s likely not going to be for his team.


I don’t know. I really don’t. If I had to guess, probably his employer. But I’m just excited. I have so many great memories with him watching the Lakers, watching Kobe, watching Shaq and Pau, and the rest of the gang. So I’m just really excited to try to stick it to the team that I grew up rooting for.”


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