Klay Thompson Defends Kevin Durant Against “Bus Rider” Comments

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Ben Margot

Klay Thompson Defends Kevin Durant Against “Bus Rider” Comments


Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors share some history together, as the 34-year old superstar was once a part of the team and helped them win two titles in his three-year tenure before going to the Brooklyn Nets.

So after the Warriors won the recent NBA Finals, Durant’s legacy became a topic of discussion, and one personality who offered his two cents on the conversation was NBA Hall of Famer and TV analyst Charles Barkley.

Durant is a two-time Finals MVP, but Barkley believes that Durant wasn’t the main guy during his two championship years in Golden State and mentioned that the Brooklyn superstar has to win a championship as the bus driver before getting the respect he deserves.

While Durant caught the wind of Barkley’s comments himself, leading to him firing back at Barkley, his former teammate, Klay Thompson now defended Durant against these comments.


“It bothers me when people don’t talk about Kevin’s greatness. This man averaged 35 and 15 in the Finals. That’s like Shaq numbers. Like, what are we doing here? It’s like, ‘He’s a bus rider’ and all this stuff. You can’t argue with the numbers. 35 and 15.”


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