JJ Redick’s Classy Tribute To Doris Burke’s Historic NBA Finals Broadcast


In a moment that transcended the bounds of the basketball court, JJ Redick delivered a heartfelt commendation to his colleague Doris Burke during the first game of the 2024 NBA Finals. This game was not just another playoff match; it was a historic event for Doris Burke, marking her as the first woman to serve as a TV analyst for any major men’s professional championship event.


The Boston Celtics may have secured a blowout victory, but it was Burke’s groundbreaking achievement that captured the hearts of many. Long revered for her insightful commentary and profound knowledge of the game, Burke’s presence in the finals broadcast booth was a milestone for women in sports broadcasting.

Redick, who joined the ESPN team covering the NBA Finals alongside Burke and Mike Breen, took a moment during SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt to express his admiration for Burke’s accomplishment. \


“I do have a final word though, Scott,” Redick said. “I just want to say how proud I am of my teammate Doris Burke, who made history tonight calling this NBA Finals game. Look, I’m a newbie at this. I called my first tonight. It’s meaningless in the grand scheme of things. What she did tonight is historic. I am so proud of her. I love you. It’s so great working with you,” 


Burke, visibly moved by Redick’s words, responded with grace and humility.


“Don’t make me cry,” she replied. “You’re the best teammate, so thank you.”



This exchange not only highlighted the mutual respect between the two commentators but also underscored the significance of Burke’s role in the progression of women in sports media.

As the NBA Finals continue, the duo, along with Breen, will have more opportunities to showcase their chemistry and expertise. Yet, regardless of the outcomes on the court, Doris Burke’s historic achievement, celebrated by JJ Redick’s classy shout-out, will remain a highlight of the 2024 NBA Finals.

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