Kevin Garnett’s Grandma Pulled Out Shotgun When Recruiter Offered Him Money


In high school, Kevin Garnett led his team to a 28–2 record, was named National High School Player of the Year by USA Today, as well as named Mr. Basketball for the state of Illinois after averaging 25.2 points, 17.9 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 6.5 blocks while shooting 66.8% from the field.

His incredible performances were part of the reason he declared himself eligible for the 1995 NBA draft, and skip college.

But before his decision, while still in high school, Garnett obviously attracted the interest of many colleges. Plenty of which sent their recruiters to offer Garnett money and different compensation for his talents.

This led to the point when one of the recruiters offered KG money in front of his grandma, at her house, leading to grandma Garnett pulling out the shotgun, while making clear that the recruiter is not welcome here. What a legend! 


“I got offered a lot of cash … for my mother and my family to have better opportunities. To meet some of the most powerful people in the world, whatever that meant…

…I was staying with my grandmother at the time, because recruiting was getting to the point where it was just obese. My mother thought it would be a better idea for me to change addresses.

Life was running so fast at this time, but I had a certain recruiter come see me. And he offered me some cash in front of my grandma. And she went and got her shotgun. She told me ‘always set the tone with people that you can never be bought. If you can be bought once, you can be bought always.’ That stuck with me forever,”


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