Kevin Garnett Doesn’t Think The Lakers Are Championship Contenders: “Fu**ing Delusional”


When discussing the Los Angeles Lakers, it’s hard to overlook their talent and their success from the previous season, which included reaching the Western Conference Finals. However, the reality is that they’re just not one of the top teams this season, struggling to make an impact and currently sitting as the 9th seed with a record of 28-26.

Of course, it’s not to say that they can’t surprise the NBA once again and make a deep playoff run, but their failure to meet expectations so far is why many are skeptical about the team’s chances of winning a championship this season.

One person who is not fully convinced about the Lakers is former Boston Celtics superstar Kevin Garnett. On his show “KG Certified,” the player-turned-analyst went so far as to label Lakers fans as delusional if they believe that the LeBron James-led team is contending for a championship.


“I think anybody sitting here looking at the Laker team and thinking they can actually contest in the west for a title is fu**ing delusional.”


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