Dwyane Wade Thinks Donovan Mitchell Resembles His Game The Most

Photo Credit: Oscar Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

Dwyane Wade Thinks Donovan Mitchell Resembles His Game The Most


Ever since Donovan Mitchell entered the NBA, the Utah Jazz star has been drawing comparisons to Dwyane Wade, who is widely-considered as the third best shooting guard of all-time. 

Obviously, Wade has accomplished more than Mitchell at the same stage of their respective careers, but looking at it from a game and body perspective, the comparison couldn’t get more accurate. In fact, Wade himself already gave the comparison his stamp of his approval.

In an interview, Wade was asked if which player resembles his game the most, the Miami Heat legend then didn’t hesitate to say it’s Donovan Mitchell.


I would say, Donovan,” he asserted. “He has a way better shot than I had. But obviously, it’s a time, it’s a generation, you better have that or you’re not going to be successful.”

“I feel like we’re both similar in body structure and types. Similar height. Our dynamic, when it comes to our ability to penetrate, finish. He’s very creative. I thought I was a very creative player. I don’t think I got enough credit for how innovative or creative I was on the basketball floor.

“With the mini moves and the different things that I had in my repertoire. I didn’t have a go-to. I had 7,8 0r 9 go-to’s. So, I feel like Donovan is in that same caliber. And his career might possibly be better than mine. But I feel like that’s the player I look at and say, he reminds me of me,” he concluded.


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