Kevin Durant Gives Zaire Wade The Secrets (Of Basketball)

Photo Credit: Overtime

Kevin Durant Gives Zaire Wade The Secrets (Of Basketball)


The perks of having an NBA superstar as a father. Not only will you probably be gifted with some basketball talent, you also get to go against some of the best at a very young age.

Dwyane Wade’s 16-year old son, Zaire, is only about to head into his junior year of high school, but is already looking eye-to-eye with NBA players. Last month, he impressed in a Miami Pro League game when he embarrassed Tim Hardaway Jr., now he got basketball advice from non other than two-time defending Finals MVP, Kevin Durant.

In a recent video by Overtime KD told Zaire to be aggressive and confident:


“How I picture your game is, I like when you’re the second, third option, you getting everybody involved, then boom you go off 15, 16, but I think you could get six, seven assists, five or six rebounds too. It ain’t all about the bucket impact the game always shooting the ball sometimes because you want a good team.

“Keep balling, bro. You got a long ways to go. It ain’t gonna happen overnight, either. Keep working. You know I got you whenever you need something, hit me. If you got something you want to talk about, hit me. I know pops good, but just to give you a different look. I’m here for you.”


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