Kevin Durant Explains Number Change

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Kevin Durant Explains Number Change


Many free agency signings were made official yesterday, including the signing of Kevin Durant’s contract with the Brooklyn Nets. It turns out that Durant not only switched teams, but also jersey numbers.

KD didn’t make the change without explaining it to us though, and releases a statement on why he changed the number.


“35 took my family and me from Seat Pleasant, MD and showed us the world. 35 allowed me to meet people that I never would’ve had the chance to meet, experience things I would have never had the chance to experience, and achieve things that I would have never been able to achieve.

35 allowed me to go to the University of Texas to play basketball, 35 allowed me to achieve my dream of playing in the NBA in Seattle. 35 allowed me to play basketball in Oklahoma City and form bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime. Lastly, 35 allowed me to go to the Bay Area and win two Championships and form brotherhoods that no time or distance will ever break.

35 was chosen in honor of someone very near and dear to me. I will always honor him and the number 35. But as I start this new chapter in my basketball life, the number I’ll be wearing on my back is the number 7 next time you see me on the floor.

One time Brooklyn.”


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