Kenyon Martin Recalls Almost Beating Up JR Smith Over ‘Car Popcorn Prank’


Some time ago, Kenyon Martin joined ESPN’s Highly Questionable and recalled the time J.R. Smith and the Denver Nuggets’ ball boy filled up his car with popcorn. Filling up a car with popcorn is a very common prank in the NBA, mostly done to rookies.

Kenyon Martin neither was a rookie, nor was he having any of that. He ran back to the locker room, leaving his car door open, looking to fight the person responsible for the prank.


“I hit my unlock button on my car and it don’t unlock. I’m thinking ‘Huh. I always lock my car.’ So that’s my first thought. So, I get to my car and I open the door and popcorn just fell out. I left the door open, I didn’t think or nothing. I turned right around and went right into the locker room. I took my jacket off, I took my shirt off… A fight is an understatement. So I’m looking for somebody, I don’t know who it is, somebody saw something.”



Then, last year, Martins shared the story again on a podcast, this time less PG.


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