Kendrick Perkins Sounds Off On D’Angelo Russell: “I Would Trade Him For A Box Of Christmas Candles”


After winning the in-season tournament, the Los Angeles Lakers have been off to a rough stretch, losing 4 out of their last 5 games.

Many of the Lakers are guilty of making mistakes and not bringing their best to the court, with some players being more disappointing than others. Pointing to one such player, Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell stands out.

Russell has been decent for the Lakers this season, to say the least. However, over the last 5 games, his performance has been far from impressive, averaging just 9.4 points on 35.1% shooting from the field and 25.0% from the three-point line.

Many are irked watching Russell struggle for the Lakers, especially considering the expectations associated with him. Kendrick Perkins is one of the people who has been disappointed with Russell, even suggesting that he would trade him for little in return due to his poor performance.


“It’s about D’Angelo Russell. Right now, I would trade him for a box of Christmas candles and a lifelong supply of Christmas lights. That’s how horrible he’s been.”


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