Kendrick Perkins Appoints LeBron James As The GOAT After Reaching 40,000 Points

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LeBron James etched his name deeper into basketball history on Saturday, becoming the first NBA player to ever reach 40,000 career points. Just nine points away at the game’s start against the Denver Nuggets, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar reached the mark with a layup early in the second quarter. 

Despite the bittersweet ending, with the Nuggets overpowering the Lakers in the fourth quarter for their sixth straight win, LeBron’s historic achievement remained the main focus, attracting praise from many as the first member of the 40K club. 

Among the many showering praises on LeBron was his former teammate and current analyst, Kendrick Perkins. Witnessing LeBron reach 40,000 points, Perkins didn’t hesitate to call him the greatest player of all time, even calling for a statue outside of Crypto Arena.


“Get ready to start sculpting the statue for LeBron outside of Crypto Arena… The GOAT!”


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