Joe Mazzulla’s Speech After Advancing To The 2024 NBA Finals


In an era where the NBA is dominated by legendary coaches and star-studded teams, Joe Mazzulla stands out not just for his coaching prowess but for his remarkable leadership qualities. As the youngest coach to lead a team to the NBA Finals since Bill Russell, Mazzulla’s journey with the Boston Celtics has been nothing short of inspirational.

After the Celtics’ decisive victory that secured their place in the NBA Finals, Mazzulla addressed the team with a speech that resonated with both the players and fans alike. His words were a blend of pride, gratitude, and forward-thinking that exemplified the culture he has built within the team.



Joe Mazzulla’s journey to the NBA Finals is a story of a young coach who has quickly earned the respect of his peers and the admiration of basketball fans around the world. 

As the Celtics gear up for the ultimate challenge, Mazzulla’s words will undoubtedly echo in their minds: “You better smile because you’ve earned it. Now, let’s go win a championship.”

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