JJ Redick On Russell Westbrook Joining The Los Angeles Clippers: “It’s The Same Sh*t”

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images


Over a week ago since Russell Westbrook was traded to the Utah Jazz, the former NBA MVP has now a completed a contract buyout with the team and is now set to join the Los Angeles Clippers, reuniting with his former teammate Paul George.

It hasn’t been a smooth sailing for Westbrook over the past two seasons. Though his all-around numbers remain steady, his shooting metrics features 43.4% shooting from the field, 29.7% from deep and 66.2% from the free throw line. He has become the center of mockery for his lack of shooting, as well as for his turnover problems and questionable basketball plays.

Perhaps, Westbrook fits better with the Clippers, and the Clippers could actually make use of his elite playmaking, rim pressure and constant energy. However, former NBA sharpshooter and current NBA analyst JJ Redick sees this move as the same scenario of Westbrook’s tenure with the Lakers.


“I’m not going to sit here and analyze, it’s the same sh*t,” Redick said. “He’s a guy when we’ve seen him succeed later in his career, it’s when he’s got the ball in his hands, and he’s surrounded by shooting. And that’s not going to be the case here.”


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