Charles Oakley Cleared Of Madison Sqaure Garden Incident Assault Charges

Photo Credit: Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Charles Oakley Cleared Of Madison Sqaure Garden Incident Assault Charges 


On February 8, 2017, Charles Oakley was visiting Madison Square Guarden to watch the New York Knicks play against the Los Angeles Clippers. The game was nationally broadcasted, and cameras filmed security approaching Oakley early in the game, leading to a fight breaking out. Oakley then was removed from the building, in handcuffs. He said he did not do anything wrong, and that security surrounded him for no reason to spark the altercation, but shouldn’t have put his hands on anyone.

Oakley now has officially been cleared of misdemeanor assault charges. The New York Post reports that the charges were dismissed by a Mannhattan judge, yesterday.

The shenanigans aren’t over though, as the Knicks legend has filed a lawsuit against Knicks owner James Dolan, Madison Square Garden and MSG Networks for defamation, assault, false imprisonment and violations to the Americans with Disabilities Act over the infamous incident last season.

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