What Kyrie Irving Learned From Kobe Bryant

Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez / USA TODAY Sports

What Kyrie Irving Learned From Kobe Bryant


Before Kyrie Irving got traded to the Boston Celtics this past offseason, there were many rumors about him being dealt to the Phoenix Suns.

Irving now revealed to the The Washington Post, that this rumor was the reason he reached out to Kobe Bryant. The Celtics star wanted to know how to deal with playing on a team that’s struggling and most likely not competing to be in the playoffs. Kyire explained what he has learned from Bryant.


“Despite what was going on from the outside influences and what everyone else felt was best for him, [Bryant] always did what was best for his career for himself,” Irving said. “He figured it out. At times throughout a professional career you’re going to be tested, and there are times where you’re going try to appease the media, you try to appease your teammates, you try to appease the coaching staff, whoever, whatever situation you are in, you try to kind of blend in.

“The best thing I learned from him is you don’t necessarily have to blend in. You can stand out.”


Didn’t Kyrie already play with the horrible LeBron-less Cavaliers? Well…

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