Jimmy Butler Pays Fan’s Fantasy Basketball Bill

Photo Credit: Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

Jimmy Butler Pays Fan’s Fantasy Basketball Bill


This is one of the best stories of the year. During Jimmy Butler’s introductory press conference with the Timberwolves last summer, he gave out his personal phone number for anyone having an issue with him to call.

He even took a couple of calls, before his phone froze due to the insane amount of incoming calls, messages and mailbox notifications.

A fan named Sheldon Jack Bowen took things to a new level and signed Butler up for his fantasy basketball league, even adding his number to the league’s group chat. Since Butler obviously wasn’t aware of it, and didn’t really participate in the league, he lost. After the season had ended, the fan collected the entry fees, which added up to $20. He sent Butler a bill for the $20 on Twitter.



Jimmy Butler saw the tweet and told his agent to pay the man, resulting in Bowen (the fan) receiving a package with a pair of game-worn and autographed sneakers, Butler’s jersey and a $20 bill. What a great move!

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