Jaylen Brown On Fans Who Think They Can Beat NBA Players One-On-One

Photo Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Jaylen Brown On Fans Who Think They Can Beat NBA Players One-On-One


We all have a friend who thinks he can take some NBA players one-on-one.

Spoiler alert: If your friend isn’t one of the top college players, or one of the best players in a good European league, he won’t. In an interview with Taylor Rooks of SportsNet New York, Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown now said that 80% of the NBA fan population thinks they could take on a pro baller.



This isn’t the first time an NBA player is addressing that issue. In an interview from last year, former NBA player Brian Scalabrine also talked about how badly he, or any NBA reserve, would beat you at the YMCA.


“I always find it funny that guys want to play me one-on-one. They think that they could beat me one-on-one, because they feel when they watch the games, ‘oh, I can do what Scalabrine does. He does nothing but stand in the corner and shoot threes.’ And they watch me, and yes, I look slow out there. Next to the greatest athletes in the world, of course I look slow.”

“Right now, is there any YMCA game that I couldn’t dominate? Absolutely not! I would absolutely dominate every place I go. Just sheer size alone. And that’s not including passing, shooting, skill level. It’s just from being 6’9”, 250. “

“When I first retired, Igot a little down. I was missing the game. I was on a mission. I was working out for my rec league games. And I would have 50, 60 points some nights. It was almost like I was paying back at everyone that ever anything bad to me. But eventually, you get older and you realize, ‘this is ridiculous. Why don’t you just move on with your life?” So, I have now officially moved on with my life.”

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