Jay Williams: “Magic Johnson Needs To Shut LeBron James Down”


Jay Williams: “Magic Johnson Needs To Shut LeBron James Down”


The Los Angeles Lakers have been absolutely horrible as of late, losing against numerous lottery teams.

The playoffs are more than in danger and the team appears to be dysfunctional. It would be the franchise’s sixth consecutive year without making the playoffs and LeBron James’ first since his sophomore campaign 15 years ago!

It wasn’t too surprising to see the Lakers lose when James was injured (6-12 in the 18 games that he missed), but ever since he’s come back, they haven’t been better. The Lakers have now lost nine of their past 12 games.

Is it time to call it a year and focus on free agency and the next season?

Former NBA player Jay Williams thinks so. That’s what he said during an appearance on ‘Get Up’, yesterday:


“Magic Johnson needs to shut LeBron James down. He needs to take it away from LeBron because LeBron’s pride will want him to play. LeBron is the ultimate competitor. He will want to compete for a spot. But if you’re thinking about long-term return on investment, LeBron James, who is 34 years old, you have to be able to compartmentalize that if you’re Magic Johnson.”



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