Coby White Wears No. 0 Because Of Mortal Combat

Photo: Chicago Sun-TimesCoby White wears No. 0 

Coby White Wears No. 0 Because Of Mortal Combat


Some players choose their jersey number after a birthday, some wear it for someone, some choose the number their idol was wearing, some wear a random number and some players have a fun story on why they choose a specific number.

One of these is Chicago Bulls rookie Coby White, who will wear number 0. White already wore the number in high-school, and while the 0 was unavailable during his time at UNC, he’ll be back to wearing it in a Bulls jersey.

But why number 0? Well, simply because his favorite video game character is Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat.

Per The Athletic:


“I picked zero mainly because I wore it in high school. I would have worn it in college, but Seventh Woods had it. He’s an upperclassmen, so I wasn’t taking that. But I picked it in high school because my favorite video game character is Sub Zero. And 0 is a dope number to me. When I was in high school, I called myself Sub Zero. That was more of a high school thing. Now I’m just out here being No. 0.”

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