James Harden Spent So Much Money In A Houston Strip Club, That They Retired His Jersey


Remember when Redditor, AngryCentrist professionally analyzed James Harden’s bad road games and, while looking for a cause, found out that Harden’s performance are in direct correlation to the quality of strip clubs in the respective NBA cities.

The better the quality of strip clubs, the worse Harden plays. It sounds ridiculous, but the Redditor was able to prove it statistically.

It turns out, that Harden even has his jersey up in the rafters of one stip club. In a 2017 episode of the Joe Budden podcast, co-host, Mal shared the story of how one strip club in Houston retired James Harden’s jersey, after the All-Star spent so much money in the club.


“James [Harden] has his jersey hanging from the top. They were doing that because they said James has been going in spending like… you know what I mean?! So they gave him his own jersey hanging from the rafters of the strip club.”


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