James Harden Floated As Phoenix Suns’ Potential Replacement For Chris Paul

Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images


Chris Paul has given Father Time such tough tussle, but it remains undefeated and has finally caught up to the 11-time All-Star. And after the three seasons with the Phoenix Suns, Paul has now been told that he’ll likely be waived by the team.

Whether Paul will re-sign with the team on a veteran’s minimum contract, or play for a different team next season remains to be seen, the Suns however would obviously need someone who can handle the ball and provide the team with elite playmaking, if he were to leave.

Surely, the Suns have been playing close attention to some potential targets this offseason, and one player that looks appealing is Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden.

Harden may not be that one-man wrecking machine anymore, but he was still good enough to become the league’s leading playmaker at 10.7 assists per game during the regular season. The 33-year old offensive guard is expected to hit the market this summer and is reportedly one name to keep an eye on for the Suns.


“[The Phoenix Suns don’t waive Chris Paul] unless they feel pretty good about somebody else. And I want you to keep your eye on James Harden. I don’t want to report anything, but that was in the wind for the past month or so. Everybody thinks it’s like Philly or Houston but I don’t know, there has been discussions in the wind.”


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