It Seems As Carmelo Anthony Doesn’t Care About The Thunder

Photo Credit: Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman

It Seems As Carmelo Anthony Doesn’t Care About The Thunder


There is a lot wrong with the Oklahoma City Thunder right now. After acquiring Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, the Thunder were tipped as one of the top teams to challenge the Golden State Warriors before the campaign began. Unfortunately, they’ve been horribly disappointing.

One of the problems is Carmelo Anthony, who definitely is past his prime. Unfortunately for the team (and for him), he doesn’t see it this way himself. According to various reports, Anthony even refused to come off the bench at one point this past season.

Then, yesterday, Melo officially opted-into his 2018-19 deal that will pay him $27.9 million. It is his right to do so, and I probably would have done the same. But his following Instagram post shows that he doesn’t really care about the Thunder and that he always has been only in it for the money. Jaylen Brown, for example, has won more playoff series (4) than Carmelo Anthony (3).


Instagram/Carmelo Anthony


12up dubbed the Intagram post with the following words:


“The bling, high-end wine glasses, cigar, leather bag, and outfit is a kick to the gut form of mockery to a team that seriously lacks the financial resources to add much-needed talent around the aging star.”


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