Is Giannis Antetokounmpo A Coach Killer? NBA Twitter Weighs In


The Milwaukee Bucks sent shockwaves through the NBA world with the sudden firing of head coach Adrian Griffin. The first-year head coach guided the Bucks to the second seed in the Eastern Conference with an impressive 30-13 NBA record.

The reasons behind Griffin’s firing quickly became apparent, and one notable factor cited was Giannis reportedly losing faith in Griffin. In response to these developments, the Bucks acted promptly by replacing him with veteran head coach Doc Rivers.

Now, this story has stirred up discussions about Giannis, especially given that Griffin is now the third coach to be let go during Giannis’ tenure. Fans and basketball pundits alike now wonder whether Giannis should be labeled as a coach killer and if should face the same scrutiny as other star players who’ve impacted coaching decisions in the league.


“Does Giannis get enough credit for being a coach, teammate killer? Should he be on the elite list of people who’ve wreaked havoc on their own franchises?”



“Can we talk about how many coaches Giannis got fired, why is that only a LeBron thing”



“Giannis has gotten more coaches fired than LeBron has but I’m supposed to believe he’s this humble guy.”



“This proves that Giannis is a coach killer.”



“Can we please stop protecting Giannis?? He’s the one who wanted this guy as his coach less than 9 months ago… now he’s lost faith in him. I can’t stand players that don’t trust their coaches or teammates. Giannis isn’t as nice as the media pretends he is.”



“Giannis 3 coaches in less than a year but they won’t keep same energy like they did for Kevin Durant pretending he changes coaches anytime he wants to lol, the same energy won’t be kept.”


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