Indiana Pacers Beat Milwaukee Bucks In IST-Semi, Will Host Finals Watch Party At Gainbridge Fieldhouse For Free


The first semi-final of the in-season tournament between the Bucks and Pacers was highly anticipated, and it certainly lived up to the expectations.

Once again, Tyrese Haliburton showcased his skills on the big stage, just like he did against Boston. What’s impressive is that he didn’t commit a single turnover and contributed 27 points (11/19 FG), 7 rebounds (3 on the backboard), and 15 assists.

The young Pacers demonstrated their team chemistry and ability to have fun together, which is one of their greatest strengths. Haliburton, in response to skeptics, confidently stated, “We shouldn’t be here. We continue to shock the world!” Giannis Antetokounmpo, being the superstar that he is, rose to the challenge and became the game’s top scorer with 37 points (13/19 FG), 10 rebounds, and 2 blocks. He worked tirelessly for over 40 minutes, and his dominance was evident in his field goals, especially in the first half where he made 20 shots, mostly near the basket.

Despite the Pacers having a significant lead of +12 at halftime, the Bucks managed to turn the game around and took a +6 lead by the middle of the third quarter. However, Indiana regained control in the final period and extended their lead to +5 with less than 90 seconds remaining, thanks to a crucial lay-up by Haliburton.

He further sealed the victory with a dagger three-pointer after grabbing his own offensive rebound. His celebration mirrored that of Damian Lillard, showcasing the intensity and passion of both players.

The Pacers will now face the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday in the inaugural In-Season Tournament Final in their quest of winning the first title in franchise history. Since Las Vegas is a long way from Indianapolis, the Pacers announced after their win over the Bucks, that they will open up the Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis to fans on Saturday for a watch party, with tickets being free.


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