JaVale McGee’s House Burglarized, Championship Ring Stolen

Photo Credit: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

JaVale McGee’s House Burglarized, Championship Ring Stolen


In February of 2017, JaVale McGee had enough about appearing on Shaqtin’ A Fool, on a weekly basis. McGee had been the laughing stock of the NBA during his Shaqtin-career for his blooper-filled highlights.

This led to a Twitter fight between Shaq and JaVale who threatened and insulted each other.

The Golden State Warriors, McGee’s team at the time, then reached out to TNT to express the negative portrayal of JaVale McGee on O’Neal’s Shaqtin ‘A Fool is hurting their player’s reputation, as well as the team’s. Shaquille O’Neal promised Turner Sports (TNT) that he is finished with the JaVale McGee beef and will stop further jokes about him.

A lot has changed since then. McGee hasn’t appeared on Shaqtin’ A Fool ever since, is the Lakers’ staring center, and more importantly, he’s a two time NBA champion. Far from being a laughing stock now.

But, one of his two championship rings no longer is in JaVale’s possession. TMZ Sports reports that McGee’s home in Los Angeles was broken into. The thieves stole a pair of safes containing cash, the goggles he used during a locker-room celebration, and more importantly, one championship ring. The total value of the items and cash stolen reportedly exceeds $200,000.

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