Highest Paid NBA Players Of The 2023-24 Season (NBA Salary Alone)


Plans are already on for the next season of the world’s most lucrative basketball league, the NBA, and as expected, another money-spinning campaign is coming. Top players are expected to rake in millions of dollars in base salaries from the respective franchises as the competition for the lucrative championship kicks in.

There is a weird sensation about how much NBA players, or athletes in general, make in a year. Everybody wants to know the details and a lot of people are talking about it.

Some deserve their respective salaries more than others, but that’s not for us to decide. Here are the best earning players (NBA salary alone) of the upcoming 2023-24 season:


  1. Stephen Curry: $51,915,615
  2. Kevin Durant: $47,649,433
  3. Joel Embiid: $47,607,350
  4. LeBron James: $47,607,350
  5. Nikola Jokic: $47,607,350
  6. Bradley Beal: $46,741,590
  7. Giannis Antetokounmpo: $45,640,084
  8. Paul George: $45,640,084
  9. Kawhi Leonard: $45,640,084
  10. Damian Lillard: $45,640,084
  11. Jimmy Butler: $45,183,960
  12. Klay Thompson: $43,219,440
  13. Rudy Gobert: $41,000,000
  14. Fred VanVleet: $40,806,300
  15. Anthony Davis: $40,600,080
  16. Luka Doncic: $40,064,220
  17. Zach LaVine: $40,064,220
  18. Trae Young: $40,064,220
  19. Tobias Harris: $39,270,150


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