Kenyon Martin And Paul George Concur That Today’s NBA Is Lacking In Defense


The notion that today’s NBA is lacking in defense has been a topic of frequent debate among fans and players alike, and recently Kenyon Martin, who used to play for the Denver Nuggets, added his perspective to this discussion.

Martin had a 15-year NBA career where he was especially known for his defense and physical play. He spoke about his concerns on Podcast P, stating that the NBA is tough to watch at times because players are finding it too easy to score, owing it to lack of defense.

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“It’s tough to watch some nights because there’s no resistance,” Martin said. “How many guys averaged 30 [points per game] this year? Like six, seven. That’s unheard of, man. Y’all can score. Everybody ain’t that damn good, man.”


Host of the podcast and Los Angeles Clippers superstar Paul George appears to align with the views of the former NBA forward. Similarly, Kenyon Martin’s son, Kenyon Martin Jr., also reinforced the notion that the league has become too lenient on defense.


“I think it’s more entertaining when defense is implemented, and you get to see guys who can actually guard their opponents,” George said, while Martin Jr. noted, “I think it’s too much nowadays. It’s too soft. If a guy beats you, you’re dead. You can’t really do anything.”


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