Gregg Popovich Loves The FIBA EuroBasket

Photo Credit: Jim Cowsert/AP

Gregg Popovich Loves The FIBA EuroBasket


The Eurobasket has been a lot of fun so far. Players like Dennis Schröder, Goran Dragic, Lauri Markkanen, Jonas Valanciunas, Kristpas Porzingis and Bogdan Bogdanovic (among others) have been balling. Many games are close, intense and kind of bring basketball back to the roots. I always call it ‘honest, more fundamental basketball’. When it comes to basketball fundamentals, one name always pops (pun intended) out; Gregg Popovich.

The head coach of the San Antonio Spurs is at the EuroBasket, watching games and scouting for new talent. International talents, as well as player development go hand in hand when it comes to Popovich and the Spurs.

In an interview, Pop showed his appreciation for the tournament, saying that this EuroBasket is the best. One reason he’s having so much fun watching it, is that he doesn’t care who wins and who loses.


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