Gradey Dick Was Asked About His Viral Jersey Swap And Had The Worst Poker Face Ever


Gradey Dick and Anthony Black’s jersey exchange after a Toronto Raptors vs Orlando Magic game, was not just a testament to their long-standing friendship but also became a viral sensation for its humorous undertone.

Dick and Black have been friends since their middle school days, sharing the court both as teammates and competitors. Their bond was brought into the limelight when they decided to swap jerseys in a traditional post-game sign of respect. 

The swap, however, caught the public’s eye for more than just its sentiment. When the two rookies aligned themselves for a photo, their last names created a phrase that had social media in stitches. The image, initially shared by the official Orlando Magic account, was quickly deleted, but not before it made its rounds on the internet, sparking laughter and a slew of memes.

Now the Raptors rookie was asked about the jersey swap gone viral and Dick, with a smirk, explained that it was a simple gesture for “his guy,” a friend he’s had for a long time. Definitely one of the worst poker faces ever.


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