Craig Hodges Is Upset About Scottie Pippen Portrayal In The Last Dance: “Without Scottie, MJ Wouldn’t Have Won”

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Craig Hodges Is Upset About Scottie Pippen Portrayal In The Last Dance: “Without Scottie, MJ Wouldn’t Have Won”


Different Chicago Bulls players had a share of their own running-time on ESPN’s broadly discussed documentary ‘The Last Dance’, but there’s no denying that the film primarily focused on Michael Jordan and depicted most of its storylines from Jordan’s perspective. Subsequently, leaving the rest of the Bulls players out of the spotlight.

This rippling effect drew various criticisms from a minority of viewers who expressed being unhappy with how the documentary concluded. One criticism touches on the allegedly inaccurate portrayal of Scottie Pippen throughout the documentary, which was also pointed out by retired Bulls guard Craig Hodges who played for the Bulls for four seasons.

During an interview with ‘BetOnline’, Hodges said that he didn’t like how former teammate, Scottie Pippen was portrayed in the documentary. He also expressed displeasure with the film that almost made it look as Jordan won in a vacuum. Hodges says that Jordan wouldn’t have won without Pippen:


“I’m still kind of upset about it because I know the type of brother that Scottie is. Scottie is the type of brother, I wasn’t part of the team when he didn’t stand up and come back out and play during that play, but I know that Scottie is the type of cat that will give his shirt for you, go on the ground for you and kick out the shot for you.

“I didn’t like how he was portrayed and I don’t understand the reasoning behind it and I’m still trying to figure that out. Without Scottie, MJ would not have won. It’s like all the brothers sitting here. It’s almost like MJ won in a vacuum and it wasn’t anything like that. To throw your brother, especially no. 33, under the bus, that wasn’t cool.”



This isn’t the first time Hodges had come up to criticize the documentary. Earlier this month, the three-time three-point contest champion blasted Michael Jordan for revealing the wild ‘cocaine circus’ story.

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