Glitch In The Matrix? All Of A Sudden, There Were Two Steve Kerrs In The Arena


Ever since the invention of smartphones and social media, it has become much easier to find one’s doppelganger, even more so if said person – or one of them – is famous.

In recent years, we’ve found doppelgangers of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Steven Adams and Kevin Durant, among others.

But while often, there certainly is a resemblance detectable, they rarely actually look alike… well, until now. A Steve Kerr doppelganger went viral this past weekend, while being at a Warriors game.



He since has been identified, and while it seems like a glitch in the Matrix, he is not related to Steve Kerr. They even share the same first name. According to The Review Journal, the lookalike’s name is  Steve Gillis, an English teacher at Bishop Gorman High and local girls club volleyball coach.

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